Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let Me Explain

I have been absent from my blog for a few weeks and thought I should explain.  First, one of my sons has been away for the past two years and returned home shortly after Christmas.  We have enjoyed being together again and have had a lot of catching up to do – good times.

I am also currently enrolled in my final semester to earn my Masters Degree in Global History and with that comes the writing of a thesis.  This project has consumed every spare minute I have had.  Before I started my thesis I wanted to write books about history.  After having the rough draft completed I still want to write books!  I truly enjoy the process of researching, learning and writing and am more determined than ever to pursue writing. 

My thesis is centered on one of my passions – the colony of New Netherland.  I have been interested in this corner of time for a while, so even though this has been a huge task, I have enjoyed every minute of it and learned more than I could have thought possible. 

My thesis connects the explorations of Henry Hudson (up the Hudson River), the subsequent colony of New Netherland in the New World that was established shortly afterwards and the connection it all had to global trade during the 1600s and the rise of the Dutch Republic to the top of the trade pyramid.  Any thoughts or questions on this topic would be welcomed!

I thank you for your patience with me and hope you return to my blog.  I am back on track!