Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Discussions of History

Much of my life revolves around history. I get to teach World History to 7th grade students at my local Junior High School in Oregon. I have written articles, lesson plans, and assisted with research at the New Netherland institute in New York. For the past year and a half, I have served as the director of the East Linn Historical Museum. The last several months have brought opportunities to participate in multiple presentations to the public about the local history of the area I live in.

After attending some of my discussions, a local radio station invited me to do three live history shows at their station. The beginning show is about the Santiam Wagon Road, the first passageway over the Cascade Mountains from the Willamette Valley in the 1800s. It is filled with stories of pioneers, exploration, roadhouses, and an automobile race.

Next up is a brief summary about the Kalapuya Tribes that resided in the Willamette Valley when pioneers began to arrive from the East Coast. Their organization, social structure, and agriculture are unique and fascinating. Details of how these tribes lived, what they ate, and the extent of their trade is also discussed.

Finally, there is a tour of the East Linn Museum which includes discussions of objects in the museum related to early schools on the area, the Civil War, medicine and other unique items.

These shows are available to listen to, simply follow the instructions listed below:

- Go to KGAL Radio (Lebanon, Oregon)
- Use the pull down menu under PROGRAMMING and select VALLEY TALK
- Choose a date:
      4/17/17 Santiam Wagon Road
      4/27/17 Kalapuya Tribes (start at around 19:45)
      5/11/17 East Linn Museum tour
- You may also click on the link below and select the dates listed above.
- Enjoy!


  1. You write so thrillingly, I can only imagine how interesting you are on the radio. A separate delight for you for the chosen topic about the ancient tribes.

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